Waste place

I wonder where is the IQ of people when doing things like this. When will they be able to figure out the consequences by themselves. Why don’t they think at all?

A neverending story is about the waste. And still – people act like this.

How long can we hide?

2018 was the hottest year of history since we record it. And many of the years after the millenium were also record-breaking ones. What will we do when we wont have more shades? What will the humanity do when the shades will not be enough? Nothing by that time because there will be no humanity on our Planet by then. […]

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It is mine

Have you ever wondered coming back in 30 years to the same place you just visited today and threw some trash away? It will be there waiting for you. Not just in 30 years but also until The last day of your life. Depending of its material but knowing that this is usually plastic I can really tell you, anytime […]

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We deserve our end

Have a look there. 50 meters feom McDonald’s and they are done. Their waste will be cleaned by someone for sure. So they do not care. I “love” that these people who do not care about their environment are so digged into the Instagram and Facebook to show how good they are by sharing everything. Maybe they even shared this […]

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Palms are awesome

palm tree leaves

When I decided to leave my country, my family, all behind I had one thing going on my mind really hard. You can say I don’t look into so deep but one of my rules was to live somewhere to see palm trees every day. Now I am lucky enough to live on a place where it is obvious that […]

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Clouds from above

Amazing shapes, you see how the air becomes a shapey form to be. If only I listened more when I was on meteorology course. It would be so great to know the reason of their forms in this case. Just like when two amount of air collide.

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Climate change?

Yes, again. Animals are hiding. Away the sun and the heat just like we do. Waiting for the end of the summer to see how many records are beaten this year. I am sure much more than should be.

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Banana is everywhere

On the Canary Islands we have a passion. It is the banana. Canary Islands are made of volcanic rocks and they are full of minerals. Have you know that bananas are full of minerals, mostly with calcium? And these minerals help the banana to be so sweet. The canarian bananas are sweeter than others because of the soil they are […]

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Some clouds are necessary

I am very lucky to have this view out of my balcony every day and I can relax with sunset every day. Do you have a look on the sky in the golden hours? Have you also noticed that an end of a “perfect” day when the weather was amazing, without clouds, the sunset is not so perfect. It is […]

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Bigger and bigger

Footprint. It has a special meaning nowadays. As the newest results come, it seems to be sure that our footprint on our Planet is much bigger than we thought it may be. And watching on our footprints from high above we can see that we step faster and faster.

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Waste vs. Life

How many kgs of garbage do you produce a week? Do you buy sliced cheese in plastic container? How many slices are in it? 6? Maybe 10? How much of this could you eat a day if you would eat only this? Remember when you buy whatever, the less waste you produce the more you give your grandchildren. Enviromental fiasco […]

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Are you ready? The Planet is NOT!

Sorry for not posting for a long period, I don’t waste rows and our time with reasons.  Soooo, Christmas comes. What do you think about it? So many things on the shelves which MUST be taken to your home. How cute they will be over there under that amazing big tree, right? It is very hard to understand how we […]

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You make me so sad

I am so sad of seeing this.  Have you ever seen such a waste? I am real waste. Wasting of waste. We live on an island where the tap water is sometimes told to be edible and sometimes to told be opposite.  This is one of the reasons why we buy the drink water in PET bottles (I still cannot […]

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Restaurants’ responsibility

If only small portion of foods would be restricted, totllay prohibited.  How many plastic container is made only for being “clean” and separated, portions made only for you for only one time use.  If a restaurant wanna give small portion of food, why don’t they have to make the small portions? Why is it so cheap for them to make […]

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Canary waste culture

Lack of culture, actually.  I have been to many places on the Planet already but the Canary “style” is the most dangerous at all I saw.  People take off their trash bags from their car in a supermarket parking, leaving them there. Throwing their cigarettes away, anywhere they are. Yesterday I saw a young girl taking her trash bag to […]

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2017 summer is told to be the hottest ever, 2 C degrees over the average. We shall start planting trees to get more shade in 10 years.  Believe me, we all will need it. 

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