Why is this blog called to be “The Planet blog”? – I hope it summarizes everything. Whatever I would like to write about is on this planet on our Earth. I could write physics, arts, lyrics, mathematics, seas and oceans, valleys and mountains, feelings and pleasures, hopes and deaths – they all come to be the same in a summarization – part of the everyday of Our Planet.

Earth needs attention. From you, from me, from everyone. What if our Planet, the Earth could press a daily newspaper?

Many kind of news could be read but the main ones would be about our globe. This is what The Planet Blog would like to reach.

The Planet Blog is about Environment, People, Science, Technology, Arts and more – all related to our Globe – the Earth.

I would like to share my thoughts. Mainly my thoughts, but also thoughts of people all around the world. To speak worldwide I decided to do it in English even if I am not a native English speaker. Okay but who would read it? Would anyone read it at all? Maybe not. But what if my thoughts are read? Can they help others to go a little deeper? What if I could help people to make a change?

We will see…