Anyway, Re-use!

the planet blog - anyway, reuse

I know that it can be funny to see object on the street like this – bin as a flowerpot – but great to see that even if something is not needed to its original use, it can serve you well still.

I see lots of videos on the internet how to reuse something instead of throwing away – there are really great ideas and I would suggest them to everyone.

So many things land in our bins which we could find a way to use. My tip for today is: have a look on Pinterest. It is really a great site to see any kind of idea for reusing anything. Visit or download its app (it is not advertisement, they are really great!)

One of my earlier post was about using the carton boxes as containers or whatever, saving the Planet from some extra CO2 in the air. It is just like the same with any plastic or paper material. Just one stuff a week, no more if you like to go shopping. Start with just one please. But start this week! Re-use and save our Planet.

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