Are you ready? The Planet is NOT!

Sorry for not posting for a long period, I don’t waste rows and our time with reasons. 

Soooo, Christmas comes. What do you think about it? So many things on the shelves which MUST be taken to your home. How cute they will be over there under that amazing big tree, right?

It is very hard to understand how we are one of those really too many people who make our world unliveable day by day.

You and I also count. So please, take it back if you do not need really. Or if you think you must buy it, think it twice. Is it a quality really worth it, will it be there for 10 years so that you do not have to buy it again?

Does it have many plastic, was it made far far away from your home, costing a lot of travelling, consuming fuel?

You and me also count. Christmas days coming and I have general feelings how we waste time money and our Planet on this rush-time to be “happy” and get a “merry” Christmas. 

I do not buy as much as I did last year. You?

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