Are you water than me?

Let me share with you something. I think of it all the time I look at the water. Have you ever seen Olympic games? Swimming is a great sport and Katinka Hosszu is just amazing.

Have you ever thought about the definition of the “swimming”? I have. “A race between humans to reach a given distance the soonest in a substance they are not born to.”

Let me explain, if you didn’t catch the point. It is the same sport like fishes would run on the beach for given distances on sand. Even if they are not born to that substance so they have to take their head under the water after every 3 meters to breathe (as they do), they make a rally on it to find the best among them in this race. It is funny, isn’t it?

People are also quite funny if you look at them by an evolutionary sight. What the hell do they want in the water? The life, biology and physics has made their rules already. A human is not to survive in water. A human is not to be able to know what happens down there. Only a few, who train themselves can go “deeper” and for more than a minute. But they can also never reach remarkable goals. Rules are set against the human being in this race.

But what do we do? We like the challenges and do whatever to get there. Building fast ships to get through the oceans as quick as possible. Building submarines to go as deep as possible (and because of war, of course) And you know what? If I was the writer of the rules of the natureĀ on Earth, I would hide he ocean from the humans only if it would have a point. And if I was a human I would really want to catch that point. How valuable it can be if people are set NOT TO BE ABLE to catch it?

Amazing to read all news about the new species found in our seas from day to day as we can go deeper and deeper. What do you think, will we ever catch it? What waits for us around there?

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