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We love to think that we count. Many people think they are the midpoint of the Planet, they are very important. I love to take a walk (or go up by any way) to a high mountain and look down to see how we effected the ground around us. (oh, how fragile and beginners we are Рalmost everything we have is sticked to the ground). Up there, your view might be changed a bit. Mine is many times. How can anyone so conceited to think they have their way with their goal written and until is not done, nothing unforeseen could happen to them? We are not great, not lovely, not fast, not slow, not good or bad at all. We are just being as we are. That is all. No need to think and say more about it. Wisdom words are just of those who are always searching some answer for the big WHY.

I come down the mountain again, closer to the people. And I think – hey, it is not so easy to tell every detail if you are so high, far from this level. I see great people, many lovely and many much faster than I am. I see now that it is all about your point of view. People are great, we count. Everybody counts! The other guy on the mountain, up there, is not able to see the people as they are. How can someone say to a cute little girl in pinky flower blouse playing with her dog while she makes all her surrounding happy by sniggering around? He is rude, he is not right. We count. And we have our own way with our own goals why we are here.

But then I realize that these words now are a man’s down on the ground which the other one on the top of the hill is talking¬†about.


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