Before the flood

I was quite sceptic with this documentary. After a hard day I decided to watch something I can sleep with. I heard the title – The flood with Di Caprio and I knew it will be an other overrated film. What could Leonardo share with us? Even if he grew up from the young lover from Titanic to one of the greatest actors (as far as I think) this field is not for his feet. But I have to say I was wrong.

The whole documentary got exciting when he talked face to face with John Kerry, then met Barack Obama to talk about the climate change and they all told how important it is and why it is hard for them to come to changes. It was curious for me that the president of the United States gets into a National Geographic film. But what happened after that, for the first time of the history a Pope also joined the ones who would like to raise attention on the matter of the climate change. Leonardo di Caprio is asked to transfer the Pope’s words about the horrible consequences of the wasting mentality.Believe me, not a short cut but worth having a look on it. Click on “Continue reading” to see the video here.

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