Being ready

To give a birth is one of the best feelings – they say. I will never be able to tell you how it feels like as my sex impedes me on this way but I have just seen this photo and I got a curious feeling about this “best-day-of-my-life” attitude.

Maybe I would name this image SEPARATED. The worst feelings of a parent is that they cannot prevent their child from whatever. The day of birth is the beginning of this session. Until she/he is inside things are mostly up to you. From this point it will change, you responsibility rate will decrease a lot. And I talk about the pleasurable responsibility.

Seeing many things around us nowadays I have the thoughts when I look on this photo –

“If only he/she would have never come out. We could be together for ever”

Isn’t it funny that a baby is ready and getting to be born due to the ability of survival outside, out of the mom, breathing alone, swallowing alone, pumping the own blood alone, but how long? Without supervision, not even a day. It is amazing how much training is in front of everyone to be able to live totally without their parents at the end of their way. We are all closer to that day by day. This system is built perfectly, not for fragile ones. Oh my god, how many things are in front for a-one-minute baby! Pleasures, toys, games, laughs, bedtime stories, loves, cakes and happy birthdays. But later many of them without the mom, and Mom knew that it will be so.

Having a look on this photo we can see a new Life, a sole still growing to be ready for the first steps. But if I were a mom, giving birth would also mean a kind of separation to me.

Being Mom is hard.

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