Black & White

I rarely use the B&W effect on images. I think the colors mean a lot. But I also mean that there are some things which tells you a lot about the lack of something.

My biggest fear in my life is going into jail. (and loosing my loved ones of course) I love to live so much, doing what I like that I just cannot imagine my life without it. I try to do my best to avoid loosing my freedom. (I hope you don’t misunderstand me, of course I do nothing against it but how many people are in there who did only one “small” mistake for a moment) I would also hate to be an animal in zoo. I know, most of them do not understand what is going on at all. But a chimpanzee is one of them who we think can understand what is going on.

I know that the animals in the zoo are in a safer place, they are cared well. They are surrended by fences to give us an insight to their amazing being. But despite of those, I cannot give any color to this image.

Neither I would give brightness (white) but it is a must to deliver the feeling I felt.

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