Canary waste culture

Lack of culture, actually. 

I have been to many places on the Planet already but the Canary “style” is the most dangerous at all I saw. 

People take off their trash bags from their car in a supermarket parking, leaving them there. Throwing their cigarettes away, anywhere they are.

Yesterday I saw a young girl taking her trash bag to the “selective” trashes, just on the ground at the street, leaving it for others to clean up after her. 

This photo was taken in Santiago del Teide at an amazing walkpath between almond trees and nature. 

And the worst is that all the aboves happened at the same day.

Canarian Islands are just a part of the world. But if people, who live at their own island, don’t want to save it, how do we think can manage all the harmfull people all around the globe?

I am sad. I am scared. I make double the efforts to make my trashes less because I have to correct others’ careless life.


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