Carbon Era

This is the first time I share any of my favourite foods. It is the carbonara spaghetti. I don’t know how it happened to be that but here it is.

When I go to a new restaurant where I have never been before I order a plate of pasta – especially Carbonara Spaghetti.

Do you know how the italians make it?

Most of the restaurants fail in almost all of the steps. Now I will tell you which they are:

NO, you should never use milk cream. I also like with it but original carbonara does not contain milk cream!

The pasta should be cooked (depending of the pasta of course) around 5-8 minutes. You should taste it in every minute and never cook it until soft. A step before soft, when you have to chew it but does not keep on your teeth, it is ready to eat. 

Bacon should be fried on some olive oil (not virgin) in a big pan, add garlic when almost ready. Prepare egg with parmesan and mix them together, squeeze with a fork well and pour the pasta and the egg with parmesan cheese on it. Mix them well, lower the heat to really low so that you are not gonna get scrambled eggs. 

Some pepper and it is ready to eat. 

One of the easiest foods ever – made since hundreds of years the same.

Thanks Romans!

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