Full of green hints

I got this picture shot on a golf course in Tenerife. Read all rows carefully. 

Do you see? You can do it like this also. Saving energy, water and finally your Planet. 

If only I could read these kind of solutions on all the places I go to. Restaurants, hotels, sport events should be proud of their efforts. 

Actually everyone should. 

Cheese yourself

As I wrote you in my previous post: It must be amazing to serve yourself with your own cheese. Have you ever seen parmesan like this? You can get as much as you want.  Parmesan is like to be not a rotting one. Restaurants mostly love it’s charm.  If only I could have it on my own farm. 

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Do you buy re-used printer toner?

I am sure that is is not possible to live without printers. So it is the same with toners. Well, we should decrease them year by year but it is a long process, I agree. But have you ever thought of their measure we use year by year? Nobody asks you or anyone to forget about printing forever.  But the key of […]

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Friendly toothpaste

What if all companies would place warnings on their packages? What if everyone would see that his/her brand is also committed to keep the Earth’s condition? Maybe they would keep it clean more easily. It is a serious problem I think that the big companies produce plenty of product all packed writing detailed how to use their item. I know […]

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Party waste

Will you have a party nowadays or one of your friends? If the answer is Yes, I have a message: Please don’t use so many one-time accessory. We all know that it is a headache to have fragile things in children’s hands during they rush all around. Get all your friends hell-drunk can end in broken glasses. But quality plastic cups […]

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