I am so amazed

I have never ever seen anything like this.

It is not an ad but they deserve to highlight them.

A petrol station in Teneife, on the north of the island – El Mirador petrol station – has clothes all around on the filling stations to clean your hands, prevent from petrol, to wipe the windows, clean your hands, for whatever use.

It is easy like this. They decided not to waste paper towels for the everyday use, not to kill trees for that.

Thank you very much for being soooooooo careful!

Vintage is getting better

Do you see how all the old-fashioned design and solutions get to used again? We wish to be born 30 years earlier. I have a feeling that we are ending the era of design. I mean design will be important always. But we have ended to be able to sell something only cause of its design. Now everybody seems to turn […]

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Carbon Era

This is the first time I share any of my favourite foods. It is the carbonara spaghetti. I don’t know how it happened to be that but here it is. When I go to a new restaurant where I have never been before I order a plate of pasta – especially Carbonara Spaghetti. Do you know how the italians make […]

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Barraquito – Start your day better

Have you ever tasted the Canarian special Barraquito? There are so many coffee variations in the Canary islands, that it will be hard to try them all during your stay. Many tourists don’t even get to know them, since they are mostly available only in local bars. The maybe most famous one is called “Barraquito”. Beware, it’s highly addictive! It’s […]

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Lowering the oceans

I am sure you all heard about the tragedy that snow and ice is melted day by day and pouring to our oceans. This is really a lot, a lot of water which makes the level of our oceans to rise.  I wonder a lot of how could we lower the level of the oceans? Knowing the physics in case […]

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Full of green hints

I got this picture shot on a golf course in Tenerife. Read all rows carefully.  Do you see? You can do it like this also. Saving energy, water and finally your Planet.  If only I could read these kind of solutions on all the places I go to. Restaurants, hotels, sport events should be proud of their efforts.  Actually everyone […]

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Have you ever done anything you’ve seen on the internet before? I love those people who has the creativity to have new ideas, light up the everyday with things which other people just simply haven’t thought of before. Do you remember something you were amazed of, how creative the maker was even if it is a simple solution or just […]

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Have a look on these street wiper’s stuffs. Easy to use, sweeper is organic, flexible to use. Much easier to keep the streets clean with them. But still the best is not to throw anything away. Just think about those who will have to take of your rubbish tomorrow.

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Waste of waste

Would you please give me smaller plastic bag to take those few kiwis into? Why do I have tobuse so many plastic for buying some organic? They should place different size of plastic bags to the groceries I think. 

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Stinky underground

A really awful point of my day is when I pass near a stinky communal trash bin on the street. I might be more sensible than others but When I smell stench, I start to blow out my breath through my nose and speed up my walk. I go as far as I can, almost succumbing by the lack of […]

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Hard day’s night?

the planet blog .com

Did you have a hard day? Or maybe you had a great, pleasuring day? Anyway, tomorrow will be an other one and in most of the cases we can do for a better scoring of a day. Whatever you did today, think it over if you would have done it the same way if today would restart tomorrow. Tomorrow will pass […]

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Turning the paper cartON

the planet blog

My wife is amazing, she is more than creative. Our new trend is to try any systemizing idea with temporary solutions. Do you need a new way of storing your shoes or toys? The smarter stores make the used paper cartons of their goods available for their customers for free. It saves a lot of hassle for them and you […]

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No PETs allowed – don’t waste plastic bottles

the planet blog for our planet

There are so many places where the tap water is not drinkable or just tastes like liquid hell. This water clearer machine is to depurify and clean the tap water to drinkable format.  If you drink 3 liter of water every day, how many PET bottles do you need a year if you take it home from the shop? Well, […]

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Simply, Eco Friendly

I got these shots on a Village People concert yesterday. The backstage was built of huge water cans. No water inside, only lightbulbs. Changing their colors it is perfect for any backstage purpose and believe me, it is not so easy to identify the cans at all at night. Looks amazing but what I was amazed of is not the visuality […]

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Friendly toothpaste

What if all companies would place warnings on their packages? What if everyone would see that his/her brand is also committed to keep the Earth’s condition? Maybe they would keep it clean more easily. It is a serious problem I think that the big companies produce plenty of product all packed writing detailed how to use their item. I know […]

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