It is mine

Have you ever wondered coming back in 30 years to the same place you just visited today and threw some trash away?

It will be there waiting for you. Not just in 30 years but also until

The last day of your life.

Depending of its material but knowing that this is usually plastic I can really tell you, anytime you wanna come back, it will be here for you.

Palms are awesome

palm tree leaves

When I decided to leave my country, my family, all behind I had one thing going on my mind really hard. You can say I don’t look into so deep but one of my rules was to live somewhere to see palm trees every day. Now I am lucky enough to live on a place where it is obvious that […]

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Canary waste culture

Lack of culture, actually.  I have been to many places on the Planet already but the Canary “style” is the most dangerous at all I saw.  People take off their trash bags from their car in a supermarket parking, leaving them there. Throwing their cigarettes away, anywhere they are. Yesterday I saw a young girl taking her trash bag to […]

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2017 summer is told to be the hottest ever, 2 C degrees over the average. We shall start planting trees to get more shade in 10 years.  Believe me, we all will need it. 

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Summer is over

Summer is turned into autumn. So many records are beaten, maybe it was the hottest summer ever. We will see. Eaiting for the results from our scientists. Until next year we have some time to go for a shopping and buy unneccessary things to keep our hormons’ level with them until the good weatehr shines on us again in May. […]

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Time travel

I am sorry not to come in nowadays but we are on a big travel to Europe. Let me show you an amazing place.  This photo was taken in Transalpin, Gyimes. Waking up for noise of the cowbell, looking out the window and experiencing the real nature with its own creatures.  Amazing, and highly affordable. I would suggest all of […]

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Enormous flower

Since I know the story of the banana palms, I love the banana as fruit.  Did you know that one stack of bananas contain around 50-80 kg of bananas? Also they need up to 18 months to grov and one palm has only one stack of bananas in its life. As soon they took the fruit off, they cut the […]

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Water but not for us

How many of people would be more than amazingly happy if the sea water would be drinkable. Independently how close we are to the sea on almost all the Earth we cannot get it easily drinkable.  Being very close doesn’t mean you are there. 

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Chillout – Why?

You are not alone if you are a kinda person who love to relax far away from people, wishing to be on a small island. Many of us are the same in this. But have you ever wondered why are we living in big cities, with so many people in crowded areas, full of pollution and stress if we almost […]

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Rainbow everywhere

Have you ever seen rainbow above your head? It is really a common creature. All you have to do is find a cloud low enough to you and a good direction of sunlight. Usual rainbows on the horizon are never go round. They are always just half circles. A rainbow above you can be a perfect circle shaped and full […]

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Used so it is waste

What is you have ever eaten and it was not re-used? All our animals are grown on “wasted” food (it will be good for the chicken), and all of our plants are poured with “not-drinking water”. So why many of the people are so afraid of used items?

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Power of the oceans

Have you ever seen seaports’ defenders? These huge solid concrete blocks are amazing.  Having a look on them, making a walk around and you understand the power of our Planet. These monumental creatures will be slowly destroyed also, nothing can stand the power.  This power changes the face of the Earth, and of our Galaxy also. Have you known that […]

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Thank you very much for following me. But have you decreased your footprint on Earth or just give me a thumb-up on my posts? You should change. Not as I would know you so much but I am sure that ALL of us can consume less.  Thnak you for not just following me but also doing something for our common […]

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Cheese yourself

As I wrote you in my previous post: It must be amazing to serve yourself with your own cheese. Have you ever seen parmesan like this? You can get as much as you want.  Parmesan is like to be not a rotting one. Restaurants mostly love it’s charm.  If only I could have it on my own farm. 

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Animals around

Growing up I more and more feel the need of animals around the house. Isn’t it wonderful drinking your milk from your belowed cow, eating the cheese of your daughter’s goat? Just imagine how much oove that animal can get from the family and this will occur the best cheese possible. Not to talk about your everyday egg consumption. 

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Pirate style

This bay can be found on Tenerife. It is told to be pirates’ bay once before. They had style, haven’t they? Hiding at the best places, best bays of the ocean where you can hide your big ships and your habitat too. It is practical to ge surrounded by big mountains but these are always places which look really amazing. […]

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Spring is here

I am sorry for those who are missing spring very much as I know that heavy snowing is on North America nowadays – but Spring is here! Birds chatting, flowers booming. Life comes back to life. Amazing – this is the boom of life – so let’s enjoy it and make it spread around us. Smile all day and be […]

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Fencing the nature

the planet blog

You just simply can’t. Have you ever seen trees “eating” objects while growing? Hedges getting toys disappeared? The evolution has done its best to let only those alive which will make all their best to make it. Have a look on this picture. The fence will not stop this cactus to grow bigger. Well, I know the fence is not […]

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