It is mine

Have you ever wondered coming back in 30 years to the same place you just visited today and threw some trash away?

It will be there waiting for you. Not just in 30 years but also until

The last day of your life.

Depending of its material but knowing that this is usually plastic I can really tell you, anytime you wanna come back, it will be here for you.

We deserve our end

Have a look there. 50 meters feom McDonald’s and they are done. Their waste will be cleaned by someone for sure. So they do not care. I “love” that these people who do not care about their environment are so digged into the Instagram and Facebook to show how good they are by sharing everything. Maybe they even shared this […]

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Are you ready? The Planet is NOT!

Sorry for not posting for a long period, I don’t waste rows and our time with reasons.  Soooo, Christmas comes. What do you think about it? So many things on the shelves which MUST be taken to your home. How cute they will be over there under that amazing big tree, right? It is very hard to understand how we […]

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You make me so sad

I am so sad of seeing this.  Have you ever seen such a waste? I am real waste. Wasting of waste. We live on an island where the tap water is sometimes told to be edible and sometimes to told be opposite.  This is one of the reasons why we buy the drink water in PET bottles (I still cannot […]

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Canary waste culture

Lack of culture, actually.  I have been to many places on the Planet already but the Canary “style” is the most dangerous at all I saw.  People take off their trash bags from their car in a supermarket parking, leaving them there. Throwing their cigarettes away, anywhere they are. Yesterday I saw a young girl taking her trash bag to […]

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Travel in dark

Do you like subway? Me not. It is terrible. Traveling in dark, closed space wihtout having sight to outer spaces is boring and lonely.  Isn’t it lonely enough to travel on a subway to your workplace alone? No sight out the windows can turn it to a real nightmare. I dont wanna do it, what about you?

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Chillout – Why?

You are not alone if you are a kinda person who love to relax far away from people, wishing to be on a small island. Many of us are the same in this. But have you ever wondered why are we living in big cities, with so many people in crowded areas, full of pollution and stress if we almost […]

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Distance? What are you talking about?

There have been many generations of explorers and travellers. Firstly they found the way of riding horse which took everything much closer.  Bicycle was another step (actually run) forward. Being able to use human muscles to go faster and further by the way – it was a gate to a new world. When the manufacturing of the cars came into […]

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Break faster

Hard to get out of the bed, isn’t it? Breakfast is the most important dish of the day. Never forget it.  How could our ancestors go hunting without energy in their body? Be clever, do the same. Fill yourself up with lots of energy in the morning and hunt well all day!

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Stifling iron

Steel is one of the easiest-to-recycle materials. We reuse the steel from time to time with a 93% efficiency. Have you ever been thinking of buying a steel or a plastic one? Maybe the steel is better. Our environment can keep up with it easier. It is very important to get the best results on recycling of materials we need […]

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Barraquito – Start your day better

Have you ever tasted the Canarian special Barraquito? There are so many coffee variations in the Canary islands, that it will be hard to try them all during your stay. Many tourists don’t even get to know them, since they are mostly available only in local bars. The maybe most famous one is called “Barraquito”. Beware, it’s highly addictive! It’s […]

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Lowering the oceans

I am sure you all heard about the tragedy that snow and ice is melted day by day and pouring to our oceans. This is really a lot, a lot of water which makes the level of our oceans to rise.  I wonder a lot of how could we lower the level of the oceans? Knowing the physics in case […]

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Easter than before

Easter-time is here. How do you celebrate this time of the year? I felt this sand-creature must be shared. Religion is a huge power to get people move. In my country we sprinkle women with perfume after telling a funny poet which is always about asking permission to do that. What is your Easter (r)habit?

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Trend to use waste

I got this photo taken at a very trendy beach bar. Aloe Vera is planted in a hat, it is really great. Looks funny, doesn’t it? You have plenty of possibilities to use your old stuffs and it is getting more and more trendy nowadays.

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Waste inclusive

Have you ever been to all inclusive hotel? All inclusive cooking is a big job. You should never make food for waste. One day with bad quality or unedible food on a course of an all inclusive meal means hundreds of kilograms of wasted food.  Take care of your Planet. Cook better!

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Pirate style

This bay can be found on Tenerife. It is told to be pirates’ bay once before. They had style, haven’t they? Hiding at the best places, best bays of the ocean where you can hide your big ships and your habitat too. It is practical to ge surrounded by big mountains but these are always places which look really amazing. […]

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Be careful with the sun

Summer is coming and we love it, right? Chilling seaside with relaxing sound of waves – our everyday dream in our workplace. But never forget to get your skin covered with sun lotion or hide yourself behind a parasol. Skin cancer is not a toy – it is serious, painful consequence of irresponsible suntanning. People are dying   of the […]

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Funny, isn’t it?


Isn’t it funny that we see thing to be funnier if they are not so likely to be a part of our life? If something can happen to you or maybe already happening, it will not be funny for you at all. But we shouldn’t loose our sense of humor in these cases also.

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Every bread you take, every move you make

bread the planet blog

Isn’t it wonderful? One of the most essential supplements which has just simply not changed even a bit for thousands years. Can you imagine your life without bread? If you say yes I am sure you have some bread-replacement supplies which means that you cannot live without bread just wanna take some healthier one. What is such essential for humans […]

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