Full of green hints

I got this picture shot on a golf course in Tenerife. Read all rows carefully. 

Do you see? You can do it like this also. Saving energy, water and finally your Planet. 

If only I could read these kind of solutions on all the places I go to. Restaurants, hotels, sport events should be proud of their efforts. 

Actually everyone should. 

Funny, isn’t it?


Isn’t it funny that we see thing to be funnier if they are not so likely to be a part of our life? If something can happen to you or maybe already happening, it will not be funny for you at all. But we shouldn’t loose our sense of humor in these cases also.

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Waste trap

When I see a disgusting wasting issue, I try to take it to the trash by myself. But what should I do with this? 3 meters high and I cannot climb on a cactus. Maybe it would have been easier not to throw away. Oh how many years will it take to disappear from there?

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Black & White

I rarely use the B&W effect on images. I think the colors mean a lot. But I also mean that there are some things which tells you a lot about the lack of something. My biggest fear in my life is going into jail. (and loosing my loved ones of course) I love to live so much, doing what I like […]

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Being ready

To give a birth is one of the best feelings – they say. I will never be able to tell you how it feels like as my sex impedes me on this way but I have just seen this photo and I got a curious feeling about this “best-day-of-my-life” attitude. Maybe I would name this image SEPARATED. The worst feelings of […]

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Before the flood

I was quite sceptic with this documentary. After a hard day I decided to watch something I can sleep with. I heard the title – The flood with Di Caprio and I knew it will be an other overrated film. What could Leonardo share with us? Even if he grew up from the young lover from Titanic to one of […]

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Today, known as the 12th of November 2016, is the day of our launch. To read more about the reason “WHY”, have a look on our About page.

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