Changes in a lifetime

What do you think, how much difference is gonna be between generations in the next 200 years?

Is this change a problem? Many would say YES. But always have a look on those who speak. Of course they see it as a problem as this is different from what they grew in with.

Maybe these changes are essential for our civilization to get to a higher level. These are just little steps forward. Have a look on the hippies of the 60’s. They didn’t lead the world to the whole LSD trip for everyone. But they opened a well-understanding and open minded present. Everything has its positive effect, believe it or not.

If only I could see what is coming on in the next 100.000 years…

(the photo was taken on the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival 2017, with the biggest peace and the 3 women on the image were talking for a long time with lots of laugh)

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