Do you buy re-used printer toner?

I am sure that is is not possible to live without printers. So it is the same with toners. Well, we should decrease them year by year but it is a long process, I agree. But have you ever thought of their measure we use year by year?

Nobody asks you or anyone to forget about printing forever.  But the key of the change is in our hands.

Re-using the toners is a very eco-friendly way of printing. Just imagine – using a new toner will consume more plastic than ink.

What do I suggest to do? Well, I do not have an ink factory, neither a toner one. But I would say that re-using a toner you will not just save the Earth of a new plastic-made toner but you will also help Her not to bear a no-need-anymore, wasted plastic one.

Many people and company says, they do not want to refill the toners due to decreasing in the quality of printing. Actually many professional says there is no decrease, but although I agree with everyone who says that they cannot afford a bad quality printing cause of their business. But can they afford a worse environment for their business?

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