Enormous flower

Since I know the story of the banana palms, I love the banana as fruit. 

Did you know that one stack of bananas contain around 50-80 kg of bananas? Also they need up to 18 months to grov and one palm has only one stack of bananas in its life.

As soon they took the fruit off, they cut the palm and leave on the ground to feed the next palm by its body. The new palm is getting to grow by this time from the old palm just below the ground level.

Canary islands are really great for bananas as the soil has so many nitricians due to the lava activity in the past. 

Unfortunately these bananas are a little bit smaller than usual but more delicious. Due to their small size EU does not allow them to be exported out of Spain so that you can taste the amazing banana of the Canary Islands on in Spain. 

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