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Have you ever swum in ocean? Have you ever felt the power of the waves? Water has plenty of ways to give life but if you answered yes on the question before, you already know that it has ways to harm also. – I would say when I am on the beach.

But as soon as I got on a hill and look down to the ocean I get a different view. Calm, relaxed, beautiful and as it is reflecting the light of the clouds it must be almost flat.

So that I say: Everything changes as you change point of view. That’s the nature of the universe. Fast gets small as you move away, enemies can get friends if you look at them from a distance.

Haven’t you ever wondered why can others tell more detailed judgement about you? I think distance occurs a different view. It doesn’t mean that the closer view is false. It is just not total AND maybe not major. I mean should not be major. Maybe the better opinion can be revealed if you take some steps further. Many steps further. Maybe you will never be able to go as far as reaching it.

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