Gibraltar – The land of monkeys

One of my dream came true visiting Gibraltar. Tiny city in the bottom of Europe. This country is so small, it has only one road to get in or out. It is so small that the only space where they could build up an airport was across this street indeed. Have you ever been stopped by a road-gate for 5 minutes as you have to give way to an oncoming airplane, landing cross the road you are willing to pass?

If you go to Gibraltar, never think about getting on the hill, just do it! Lots of monkeys are waiting for you up there. But never feed them. They say you can be fined a lot! Monkeys come to you and they steal whatever if they think it is food. Really, do not eat until you are down from there again 🙂

But what else you will find there is an amazing view to Africa. It is fantastic to see another continent (Africa) from a mountain.

Africa in sight on the left
Africa in sight on the left

Standing there I feel myself so small again. I remember the first time I had to say goodbye my wife. She got on a train and leaned out of the window waving as long as I saw her on the horizon. In a human sense of time that is the kind of saying goodbye. In a sense of time where millions of year goes by in seconds, does Gibraltar also wave to Africa as it goes away? Will they ever meet again?

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