History of today

We have just invented the journeys to space but we make museums for them already. Isn’t it funny?

How will we look back to these first “steps” in 100.000 years? These are obviously steps which build the base knowledge of space traveling for future but we are so far from calling it journey, our grandsons will laugh on us.

Anyway, people need the positive feedback on their efforts and achievements on every small result. No one of us remembers the clapping hands of our Mom or Dad when we made our first steps alone but the praising was an important key for us to keep on doing it.

So that I thank everyone of you doing your best for our Planet and our civilization. Go on, my life is not so long and I wanna see efforts before I die. 🙂 Seeing a real space rocket (Space X) launch was one of my greatest moments. How could I live without seeing our Planet from above?

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