New waves

One of the most interesting thing on our Planet, regarding our civilization is our religious attitude. I have so many thoughts about it that I could even write a book but I will not bore you up here.

Just a sheet of it: What do you think, how fast could the humanity have grown without strict religious rules? Without killing so many people who tried to find the answer for many questions and did not believe that the “GOD” is the answer for everything. Maybe we would already have the cure for the cancer. I am really very glad to hear and see that the actual Pope has new way of thinking. Not willing to defend the unfair part of his company and also willing to open to the world.

Hand in hand it is better for everyone. Maybe this is the key for the Church to get more people invited in again. Understanding your customers is very important as this is the way of going forward. Even if many would say that “this is not a business, who do you think you are to talk about my religion like that?” but it is  like a business. It is one of the biggest on the world. With many offices, so many workers, expenses and incomes, employment levels and customers. Understanding this is a key point for the future to be able to keep it alive. Have a look on one of the richest person of the world – Amancio Ortega, he realized a very important feature of building a brand. They always look their customers, what kind of dresses they wear and manufacture and design the new models as soon as possible by the latest trends. This is the way you can go on today. Steve Jobs was well known to always think about the people and make the best product to serve them well.

On the other hand the Chatolic church helped the civilization in really many ways, humanity would have been in a worse situation also without it. Anyway, our predecessors made their decisions and we have to make ours. What I think is – new wave of religious behavior is coming, people can get closer with the religion again but it will not come automatically. Pope and the priests will have to make their best now, old times are over, priority of the religion is not self-evident anymore.

I got this photo in the Vatican.

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