Carbon Era

This is the first time I share any of my favourite foods. It is the carbonara spaghetti. I don’t know how it happened to be that but here it is.

When I go to a new restaurant where I have never been before I order a plate of pasta – especially Carbonara Spaghetti.

Do you know how the italians make it?

Most of the restaurants fail in almost all of the steps. Now I will tell you which they are:

NO, you should never use milk cream. I also like with it but original carbonara does not contain milk cream!

The pasta should be cooked (depending of the pasta of course) around 5-8 minutes. You should taste it in every minute and never cook it until soft. A step before soft, when you have to chew it but does not keep on your teeth, it is ready to eat. 

Bacon should be fried on some olive oil (not virgin) in a big pan, add garlic when almost ready. Prepare egg with parmesan and mix them together, squeeze with a fork well and pour the pasta and the egg with parmesan cheese on it. Mix them well, lower the heat to really low so that you are not gonna get scrambled eggs. 

Some pepper and it is ready to eat. 

One of the easiest foods ever – made since hundreds of years the same.

Thanks Romans!

Kept in safe

How many animals do we keep away from their habitat in our “safes”? Which makes them impossible to get away.  We build just as high, just as strong fence for them not to be able to get away. An ant and a lipn has different prison. Just as hard to avoid getting away. A bird doesn’t need hard fence but […]

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Smaller home – less waste

I have just walked in a big camping on Tenerife. I haven’t known how cute mobile homes are available. I wouldn’t say that this is my dream as I love the garden but honestly, it can be great for someone who doesn’t need a tremendous backyard? Earth’s population is almost 8 billion so we have to learn how to live […]

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Slothy weekend

Here is one more reason you should rest – weekend is here. Have you ever seen slots’ nails? So sturdy and strong they can just hang on the trees without any muscles working. Do the same with your eyes. Close them so heavily you do not even have to open them during the weekend. Have a good rest!

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Life is valuable

There is a scene I love to see myself. You can see that anywhere on the Planet. It is when you see that human being is the most vulnerable they could imagine. Do you see the effects of those rules which make the People to be the most important thing? Lifeboat which is never to be used, in 99% of […]

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Stifling iron

Steel is one of the easiest-to-recycle materials. We reuse the steel from time to time with a 93% efficiency. Have you ever been thinking of buying a steel or a plastic one? Maybe the steel is better. Our environment can keep up with it easier. It is very important to get the best results on recycling of materials we need […]

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Drilling everywhere

Have you known that one oil rig can produce around 8 million liters of crude oil every day which gives around 3.5 million liters of gasoline (petrol) every day. How much petrol do you need a year? How many do you use in your car? Shipping whatever you buy in the shops also means consumption.

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Barraquito – Start your day better

Have you ever tasted the Canarian special Barraquito? There are so many coffee variations in the Canary islands, that it will be hard to try them all during your stay. Many tourists don’t even get to know them, since they are mostly available only in local bars. The maybe most famous one is called “Barraquito”. Beware, it’s highly addictive! It’s […]

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Rainbow everywhere

Have you ever seen rainbow above your head? It is really a common creature. All you have to do is find a cloud low enough to you and a good direction of sunlight. Usual rainbows on the horizon are never go round. They are always just half circles. A rainbow above you can be a perfect circle shaped and full […]

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Used so it is waste

What is you have ever eaten and it was not re-used? All our animals are grown on “wasted” food (it will be good for the chicken), and all of our plants are poured with “not-drinking water”. So why many of the people are so afraid of used items?

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Lowering the oceans

I am sure you all heard about the tragedy that snow and ice is melted day by day and pouring to our oceans. This is really a lot, a lot of water which makes the level of our oceans to rise.  I wonder a lot of how could we lower the level of the oceans? Knowing the physics in case […]

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Full of green hints

I got this picture shot on a golf course in Tenerife. Read all rows carefully.  Do you see? You can do it like this also. Saving energy, water and finally your Planet.  If only I could read these kind of solutions on all the places I go to. Restaurants, hotels, sport events should be proud of their efforts.  Actually everyone […]

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Still the same

When I look up to the sky at night, watching the moon hiding behind the trees I always think of: How could it seem thousands of years ago? To see our Planet without human impacts, there is one way to achieve this. Look up to the sky so tilted that you cannot see the buildings and human beings. Those times […]

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Easter than before

Easter-time is here. How do you celebrate this time of the year? I felt this sand-creature must be shared. Religion is a huge power to get people move. In my country we sprinkle women with perfume after telling a funny poet which is always about asking permission to do that. What is your Easter (r)habit?

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Power of the oceans

Have you ever seen seaports’ defenders? These huge solid concrete blocks are amazing.  Having a look on them, making a walk around and you understand the power of our Planet. These monumental creatures will be slowly destroyed also, nothing can stand the power.  This power changes the face of the Earth, and of our Galaxy also. Have you known that […]

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Trend to use waste

I got this photo taken at a very trendy beach bar. Aloe Vera is planted in a hat, it is really great. Looks funny, doesn’t it? You have plenty of possibilities to use your old stuffs and it is getting more and more trendy nowadays.

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Thank you very much for following me. But have you decreased your footprint on Earth or just give me a thumb-up on my posts? You should change. Not as I would know you so much but I am sure that ALL of us can consume less.  Thnak you for not just following me but also doing something for our common […]

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Waste inclusive

Have you ever been to all inclusive hotel? All inclusive cooking is a big job. You should never make food for waste. One day with bad quality or unedible food on a course of an all inclusive meal means hundreds of kilograms of wasted food.  Take care of your Planet. Cook better!

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Cheese yourself

As I wrote you in my previous post: It must be amazing to serve yourself with your own cheese. Have you ever seen parmesan like this? You can get as much as you want.  Parmesan is like to be not a rotting one. Restaurants mostly love it’s charm.  If only I could have it on my own farm. 

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Animals around

Growing up I more and more feel the need of animals around the house. Isn’t it wonderful drinking your milk from your belowed cow, eating the cheese of your daughter’s goat? Just imagine how much oove that animal can get from the family and this will occur the best cheese possible. Not to talk about your everyday egg consumption. 

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