Have you ever done anything you’ve seen on the internet before?

I love those people who has the creativity to have new ideas, light up the everyday with things which other people just simply haven’t thought of before.

Do you remember something you were amazed of, how creative the maker was even if it is a simple solution or just a simple idea for something?

We are just not all like that. There are the creative ones who can help others to get ideas.

BUT – why do we all feel to follow thoseĀ others instead of having our new ideas created?

Well, we are not creative like that. BUT – what if you would hold the Pisa tower not with your hands but with a pizza? OR – what if you would hold it with a Vespa? Or just simply with a stick?

Earth is so amazing because of the different minds we have. Join the flow and widen it a little bit. You will also be amazed how much you have inside YOU.

I took this picture in Pisa on a single day, it really looks like this everytime.

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