Say NO to paper-wasting

I am not a patient one and there are some cases when I find myself in a middle of administrative, time-wasting situation. This is when you are in a bank, telecommunication service provider, insurer, tax office, etc. Instead of coming to blast I use my time nowadays to count the number of pages the officer has to print out cause of my minor issue. It must be a very rare and unimportant case when I get less than 3 pages printed, signed. One copy for me, one copy for them.

Do you know what I’m thinking of at these times? How many A4 paper pages have to be printed out because of me? 300 pages per a year? Maybe less but if I also add pages I got involved by my work, there will be much more than a thousand. And that is just me.


There are many people who are not responsible for even 10 pages a year but if I think of those who have more houses, yachts, several cars and so many business interests, I would like to know how many pages they consume every year.

Technical inventions like this one on the featured image of this post (electric signature pad) are a step forward to the paperless administration. Paper should never go out of fashion as it had (and has) very important role in our everyday life, helped us to share information with others, to build our culture and history. But paper usage for administrative, “it-must-be-written-down-on-paper” purposes is not sustainable.

Let’s make a step forward, think together. How can we zero out the administrative paper usage? If you are in a position to get things work more paper-efficiently, thanks for using all possible device.

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