Sea is all around

Is boarding on a gigantic vessel an everyday activity for you? If yes, this post is not for you. 🙂

As an adult this is my first time to get in contact with the ocean this way. Of course I swam in oceans or seas lots of times already but this time is different. I do not jump in, will not get wet. But still I think I feel it much closer than anytime before.

When I say “Ocean” everyone thinks of the amazing amount of water and the blue color first. But water is just a part of the ocean. From this point of my life I will always see the endless life and possibilities in it. During my dinner I saw huge fishes jumping around the ship, I am almost sure they were tunas. We, poor people can only see the ocean from above. Yeah, we can go down with some accessories but we are not created to see it from inside. Sea is to be hidden from the humans. What if it wouldn’t be? Would it change us? Or we would change the oceans?

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