Slow down

I can read articles about the everyday life being speeded up everywhere. You check your phone more than 150 times a day, always feeling you will be lost. It means like checking your postbox in every 5 minute when you are not sleeping. Your day would be lost with it.

I remember when I was a child (not so long ago) without smartphones and so many electric devices. I think about the 20 years which took such a change in our lives and think of the future.

How fast our kids’ brain will be able to work if they grow up with this use?


Big improvements were the results of the fast information rally on the internet as soon as it was revealed. What level of improvements will be occurred if these ultrafast brains will get implemented to the social life? We see growing up the teachers, politicians, workers of the future. How will those people change the world who have been grown up with “I want it now” experience?

Will they be disappointed or pioneers of new techniques to change to speed up the world to very high speed?

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