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If you visit a Carnival just have a look on the major rituals. There is always a princess, which is chosen for that event and She is in amazing dress. I mean there is not other word to describe it than Fabulous!

So long time has passed since our first carnivals but the women are always a big attraction on them. Whatever comes with Spring, there is always a Woman to be responsible for that. All the animals have the females, either the flowers, etc.

There is a saying, that “Always the Women choose”. You know what I think? First of all I think more or less but it is true. Except those women who have NO self-respect, women choose. And it means that the genes to be inherited are chosen by Women.

How would the world look like if Men chose? I think there would so many “Barbies” with big tits, puffed up mouths and fake tits, ready to lay down.

Wait a minute, the world has changed to this direction. Yes, so now the Men choose? Maybe, because if the women could choose there surely would not be so many lazy, un-sported, thinnie, piercing-everywhere BOY. What I think is that the world is not going anywhere, it is just going with the flow. Flow is not given but comes by happenings. If we choose this way, this will happen.

But come on. Are you a guy? Don’t you wanna see real Women on the street? Or are you a girl? Don’t you want to be picked up by a real MAN?

Why do we play a fake game then? Have a look at the picture again. Women are to be Women. So the men must be Man.

Thank you for the photo to Peter Kiss. (peterkissphotography)

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