There was a civilization

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Walking on the street you can see a lot of waste. Effects of idiot people. Lack of caring about our future. Why? Why do people throw so many waste just away from their hands? Do they really think that someone will come and take it to the trash? To make those meters with their rubbish instead of them?

I found this can on the beach these days. How long has it been there? The responsible person of this can is may not be living anymore. Is it really what he/she wanted to leave for us?

I think the kind of people who do it might have been crying babies even grown up while their mummies did everything around them. Many people cannot get used to the responsibility. Horrible how we are able to make everything worse around us by that.

Don’t you wanna pick up a waste and help our Planet? No problem (well, it is not true) but throwing a new one to the nature, stupidly believing that the Earth will compose your non-degradable waste or others will pick up is something which cannot be done by any nation in the universe which has got the chance in centuries to leave their planet to teach others.

I am sure, if we meet another civilization¬†from the outer space, they will not be thinking the “waster” way. Why? Because reaching that level takes so much time during a global industrial boom that the waster nations will not be able to manage the side effects of their consumption before reaching the technology possibilities of traveling to us.

We must not waste wherever, whenever, whatever. We have a mission here and we should grow up to that. That would be the real waste if we couldn’t make it. Waste of the whole “story” of Earth.

As I am a part of it, I don’t want anyone to talk about the story of Earth as:

“There was a civilization…”

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