Turning the paper cartON

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My wife is amazing, she is more than creative. Our new trend is to try any systemizing idea with temporary solutions.

Do you need a new way of storing your shoes or toys? The smarter stores make the used paper cartons of their goods available for their customers for free. It saves a lot of hassle for them and you can not just avoid buying a one-time-use bag but also take it home to work on your creativeness too.

Have you ever wondered how much money and how many plastic solutions would you save if you would have unlimited paper cartons? Give it a try, take one with you next time.

Burning 1 kilogramm of paper cartons releases around 1.55 kg of CO2 to the air. Using as much as possible and don’t let them burned help our Planet to keep the CO2 level lower.

How much do you store in your home, in safe from the Earth?

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