I got this shot today. This waste is full already – before getting relly used at all. The “funny” part is that I saw it in  a printing office. Well, to be honest I think “Printers have just as much connection between turning wood to advertisement waste on car windshields as grave-diggers are being killers” But anyway, wasting in a way like that is not what I can get used to.

If only I could tell all the people that this is not the way you should think. Oh man, this way of wasting “some” plastic will waste a lot of waste space. Why, oh tell why don’t you push out the air of those bottles? Your mum is not with you anymore to do it for you. It is high time to make it yourself. To do some things by/for your own.

Not a big thing. After you poured the last efficient drops, before closing, just take a deep breath and push it half as hard as you can and close it right after. You helped a lot. Thanks!

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