Weather egoism

Have you ever felt by the oncoming weather forecast that this day is against you?

“Of course it si raining today when I have holiday on the beach” – thinking everything is coming onto you.

I love this kind of attitude. Shows the egoism of everyone. My main favorite is the “wedding egoism”, when as the olds say it means luck (or wretchedness) to have rain on your wedding day.

A week before my wedding it was told to have rain. Someone told me that it “means” bad. It means, your wedding is not gonna long forever, rain washes your fortune out, etc bullshits. I answered this person:

Do you know how many weddings are gonna be taken this Saturday, in rain? In this city? (I lived in a city at that time with 2 million people living there) Do you really think, that the weather of the day of your wedding is gonna effect the turnaround of your marriage? So everyone who will have their wedding this day is gonna divorce?

Come on, this is egoism. Not everything is about you. You are just ONE. Rich or poor, nice or ugly, tall or short, black or white. Anyway, you are just one. You can be more in others’s eyes but you are not in Earth’s.

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