Will we be able to manage it?

Just as you I also empty my trash in bins like this. Paper separately from plastic, glass separated from metal. That is the way it should be done by every one of us.

Today I was wondering: “Hey, I have just emptied my plastic waste, is it full again?” Maybe someone collect his waste also in my kitchen. I have no other idea of how it is possible. Only me, a big bag of plastic waste every week? I do not use plastic bottled things and if I do I always push it to fit as small as possible.

Knowing I am only one of the 7 billion people on the Earth, knowing many of us generates really a lot more (even if many of us generates almost no waste due to their financial situation), It is horrible how mich waste this Planet has to deal with week by week.

Weak by week.

I will be more focused on decreasing my undegradable waste more than now. And I just hope that all of us will do so.

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