Your smoking kills the nature TOO

I am sure you have already seen this many times before. I always have one question if I see something like this:


If I would have a hobby, is it okay if I throw the trash of it away on the streets?

Smoking is your business. I know that many people smoke because they have a feeling – you can’t tell me what to do, smoking is up to me!

But come on! How many bastardars I see throwing the butts out of the car to the road? Not just on the highways where they  think noone can see them but also in traffic jams where I could get out of my car and throw it back to their car.

Totally idiotism, stupidity and foolness what these smokers do.

I say NO! You do not have the right to do that!

Take care of others and take care of the nature all around you.

Where would we be if all of us would be stupid, careless idiots like you? Imagine if  7,5 billion people would throw 30 butts a day just around them anywhere they are! That is 225 billion butts a day, 82.125 billion a year!!!

Take care. Don’t be stupid!

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